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cultural history class, spring 2015

Really? Two years since I’ve posted to my blog? I’m just not cut out for the 21st century. Too many things to do and not enough hours in the day to do them. Anyhow, here’s the flyer for my spring … Continue reading

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culture and craft

Last week on my way home from buying groceries, I passed a cotton field. It’s ready for harvest. The bolls are open and the plants look like they are covered with snow. Until I moved South, I didn’t realize cotton … Continue reading

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Tenured Radical and professional obligations

A huge part of what I do in my job at a regional, state university is service–by which I mean the work I do for my department (history) my college (liberal arts) and my university (MTSU), the professional organizations to … Continue reading

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a new home for MTSU Cultural History

So I’m starting fresh here. Perhaps I’ll blog more regularly as a result? Ironically, according to the folks at WordPress this is national blogging month (NaBloPoMo). Perhaps that is a good omen.

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why I still take notes

We have reached the point in the semester where my students are about to begin taking notes for their semester projects. I require a research project in both my history survey and the upper division class I teach in cultural … Continue reading

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Architecture, Spirituality, and the Savannah Symposium

Presbyterian Church, Savannah, GA So in February I presented a paper at the 7th Savannah Symposium sponsored by the Savannah College of Art & Design. The conference theme was the Spirituality of Place. In my ongoing professional identity crisis, I … Continue reading

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Starting something new

So my book came out in February of 2009 and it has been an agonizingly slow process to choose another project. Of course, writing the book was agonizingly slow too. So many things I want to do. So many things … Continue reading

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Why cultural history?

Why study it? Why blog about it? Why bother? Well, I read somewhere that you should blog about your passion and cultural history is mine. It’s hard to explain. I know, particularly in these difficult political times when so much … Continue reading

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